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1601.T775B2040Series 2000 electronic stand alone controller, SPDT:4, standard, NEMA 1Honeywell
1602.T775M2030Series 2000 electronic stand alone controller, SPDT:4, modulating, NEMA 1Honeywell
1603.TA-2-81212Transformer, control, primary: 220/230/240/440/460/480V, sec:110/115/120V, 150VA, 50/60HzAcme
1604. TB100003Terminal block for CUB7, 3 position big pitch blockRed Lion Controls
1605.TB7980A1006Honeywell digital room thermostatHoneywell
1606. TC-204-D/P-150mm-12.7mmØ-BSP½”-WTemperature sensor, type: dual PT100ohm 6 wires, length: 150mm, diameter: 12.7mmYeou Jenq
1607. TC-204/P-100mm-6.3Ø-PT¼RTD temperature sensor, PT100 Ohm, 100mm immersion, 6.3dia, PT¼" connection, small headANC
1608. TC-2403QIsolating transformer, 230/115Vac, 50VATeletron
1609.TC3C-100mm-5mmØ-¼” NPTTemp. sensor, type: PT100ohm, length: 100mm, diameter: 5mmYeou Jenq
1610. TCBT010Cochran oil ElectrodeElectrode
1611.TCG120GSM / GPRS controllerTeracom
1612.TCW112-CMEthernet controllerTeracom
1613.TCW112-WDEthernet controllerTeracom
1614.TCW122B-CMEthernet controllerTeracom
1615.TCW122B-RREthernet controllerTeracom
1616.TCW122B-WDEthernet controllerTeracom
1617.TCW181B-CMEthernet controllerTeracom
1618.TCW220Ethernet controller with data loggerTeracom
1619.TCW241Ethernet controllerTeracom
1620.TF 802Control boxSatronic
1621. TF133X65Isolating transformer, 415/230Vac, 500VAMastron
1622. TF152X86Isolating transformer, 240/230-220Vac, 1540VAMastron
1623. TF96X40Isolating transformer, 415/230Vac,100VAMastron
1624. TF96X50Transformer stepdown,isolating, 230-240-250/24Vac, 160VAEnmark
1625.TH11/1-(0-100)CTransmitter, thermal head 2 wire, PT100 input, 0-100°C, 4-20mA output, 8-38Vdc supply voltageMescon
1626.TH11/1-VThermal head 2W transmitterMescon
1627.TH11/2-JThermal head 2W transmitterMescon
1628.TH12/1-J-(0-300)CTransmitter, thermal head 2 wire, J type thermocouple input, 0-300°C, 4-20mA outputMescon
1629.TH803Temperature & humidity chart recorderDickson
1630.THDXTemperature & humidity chart recorderDickson
1631.TM55E-MBTM55Eplus on-line infrared moisture analyzer for tobaccoInfrared Engineering
1632. TME-3000AMIsolating transformerTeletron
1633.TMG 740-3 Mod 43-35Burner controller, 240VacSatronic
1634.TMO 720-4 Mod. 35Control boxSatronic
1635. TORM0400Wheel, neoprene, 4/10 meterRed Lion Controls
1636. TP16KIT1Programming kit with power supplyRed Lion Controls
1637.TP970A1020Pneumatic thermostat, single direct acting, 15-30°cHoneywell
1638.TP970B1010Pneumatic thermostat, reverse single acting, 15 to 30°cHoneywell
1639. TR-ON/3Thermal overload relay, 0.24-0.36AFuji Electric
1640.TR1-6/10ATri-onic fuse, class RK5, time relay, 500Vac, 1.6/10 AmpsGould Shawmut
1641.TRS PT 100Room temperature sensorAutomatikProdukter
1642.TRT 420.6Room temperature sensor range: -10 to 40°C AutomatikProdukter
1643. TS-2S-23MM-5MMØ-0-2.5MAdjustable bayonet thermocouple, type K, 23mm L x 5mm dia, 2.5m lead wireEnmark
1644.TS-3C-150MM-6.3MMØ-BSP1/4Temperature sensor, PT 100 Ohm, 150mm L x 6.3mm dia, SUS304 sheath, BSP1/4"Enmark
1645.TSA2000-2 mA / 4-20 mA, current loop sensorTeracom
1646.TSC20015A current sensorTeracom
1647.TSD800Door sensorTeracom
1648.TSG200CO2 sensorTeracom
1649.TSH202Temperature and humidity sensorTeracom
1650.TSH206Temperature and humidity sensorTeracom

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