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1601. TF152X86Isolating transformer, 240/230-220Vac, 1540VAMastron
1602. TF96X40Isolating transformer, 415/230Vac,100VAMastron
1603. TF96X50Transformer stepdown,isolating, 230-240-250/24Vac, 160VAEnmark
1604.TH11/1-(0-100)CTransmitter, thermal head 2 wire, PT100 input, 0-100°C, 4-20mA output, 8-38Vdc supply voltageMescon
1605.TH11/1-VThermal head 2W transmitterMescon
1606.TH11/2-JThermal head 2W transmitterMescon
1607.TH12/1-J-(0-300)CTransmitter, thermal head 2 wire, J type thermocouple input, 0-300°C, 4-20mA outputMescon
1608.TH803Temperature & humidity chart recorderDickson
1609.THDXTemperature & humidity chart recorderDickson
1610.TM55E-MBTM55Eplus on-line infrared moisture analyzer for tobaccoInfrared Engineering
1611. TME-3000AMIsolating transformerTeletron
1612.TMG 740-3 Mod 43-35Burner controller, 240VacSatronic
1613.TMO 720-4 Mod. 35Control boxSatronic
1614. TORM0400Wheel, neoprene, 4/10 meterRed Lion Controls
1615. TP16KIT1Programming kit with power supplyRed Lion Controls
1616.TP970A1020Pneumatic thermostat, single direct acting, 15-30°cHoneywell
1617.TP970B1010Pneumatic thermostat, reverse single acting, 15 to 30°cHoneywell
1618. TR-ON/3Thermal overload relay, 0.24-0.36AFuji Electric
1619.TR1-6/10ATri-onic fuse, class RK5, time relay, 500Vac, 1.6/10 AmpsGould Shawmut
1620.TRS PT 100Room temperature sensorAutomatikProdukter
1621.TRT 420.6Room temperature sensor range: -10 to 40°C AutomatikProdukter
1622. TS-2S-23MM-5MMØ-0-2.5MAdjustable bayonet thermocouple, type K, 23mm L x 5mm dia, 2.5m lead wireEnmark
1623.TS-3C-150MM-6.3MMØ-BSP1/4Temperature sensor, PT 100 Ohm, 150mm L x 6.3mm dia, SUS304 sheath, BSP1/4"Enmark
1624.TSA2000-2 mA / 4-20 mA, current loop sensorTeracom
1625.TSC20015A current sensorTeracom
1626.TSD800Door sensorTeracom
1627.TSG200CO2 sensorTeracom
1628.TSH202Temperature and humidity sensorTeracom
1629.TSH206Temperature and humidity sensorTeracom
1630.TSS8030RSmoke detectorTeracom
1631.TST100Temperature sensorTeracom
1632.TST103Temperature sensorTeracom
1633.TSV100AC voltage detectorTeracom
1634.TSV20060V galvanic isolated voltage sensorTeracom
1635.TTW2Immersion thermostat, range: 50..130°C, switching differential: 3-5°C fixed, SPDT, R½"BSPStaefa
1636.UDS1UR6M50CANCZ183Synchron motor UDS1Saia
1637.UVZ 780UV cell, blueSatronic
1638.UX-20Infrared thermometer, portable, 0.96-1.05µ, -600-3000°C, power:4AA alkaline batteryIrcon
1639.UX-40Infrared thermometer, portable, 8-13µ, -50-1000°C, power:4AA alkaline batteryIrcon
1640.V20317-BB¼” brass valve, 240Vac/1ph/50HzSnap-Tite
1641.V30317-BB¼” brass valve, 240Vac/1ph/50HzSnap-Tite
1642.V4-ABFW-EPN16-150-01Butterfly valve c/w actuator, wafer type, DN150, 230VacHoneywell
1643.V4-SS-2-UFlotect flow switch, 316SS body, universal vane, Cl I Grp C,D;Cl II Grp E,F,G;EExd IIB T6Dwyer
1644.V4043C13622-way fan coil valve, 8cv, 3/4"BSPPHoneywell
1645.V4055A1007Gas valve actuator, 120Vac/60Hz, 26secHoneywell
1646.V4055A1031Gas valve actuator, 120Vac/60Hz, 13 secHoneywell
1647.V4055A1080Gas valve actuator, 240Vac/60Hz, 26secHoneywell
1648.V4055A1098Gas valve actuator, 120Vac/60Hz, 13 sec, include damper shaftHoneywell
1649.V4055A1221Gas valve actuator, 200Vac/50Hz, 16secHoneywell
1650.V4055A1296Gas valve actuator, 120Vac/60Hz, 13sec, "Installed auxiliary switch"Honeywell

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