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1. Edenaire Dehumidifier, Honeywell Boiler Control, Modutrol Motor, Pessuretrol, Gas Valve, Danfoss Clutch & Brake, Condair Humidifier, Keller Infrared Pyrometer, Install & Commission Control System, Moisture & Humidity Control and M & E System
2.0-51378-2Gate Couple Board with Power SCRReliance Electric
3.0-51378-39Gate couple boardReliance Electric
4.0-51378-6Gate couple boardReliance Electric
5.0-51865-1Printed circuit CLDB card for MaxpaxReliance Electric
6.0-51865-9Current loop driver, CLDKReliance Electric
7.0-51874-2Static sequence and control card, SSCCReliance Electric
8.0-51902-5ADriver boardReliance Electric
9.0960875Sensing gear for exciting pickup sensor, 60T, 20D.P, 0.875" stock bore, 3.1"O.D.Red Lion Controls
10. 100-04 Test leads for SK-7711 clamp meterKaise
11. 100-28Test leads for SK-6530 digital multimeterKaise
12. 102.2403Steam hose, 29/22mm dia.Condair
13. 102.2404Condensate hose, 9.5/5mm dia.Condair
14. 10360-7Thermohygrograph chart paper, packing:50 sheets/packetIsuzu
15.105478BFlame rod, 12" lengthHoneywell
16.105478DFlame rod, 24" lengthHoneywell
17. 108.9Fan unit, FAN 40Condair
18. 110.1826Inlaid mat for AC-6 humidifier & PurifierDefensor
19. 110.5308Activated charcoal vaporizer mat for PH5 futura humidifier & purifierDefensor
20.1102878Steam hose, See pic 133Condair
21.1109524Steam cylinder A430, disposable, Article No 133.9081Condair
22. 111.0347Four-layer filterDefensor
23. 111.0757Quattro filter for PH5 futura humidifier & purifier Defensor
24. 111.1827Converter electronic Defensor
25. 111.1832Module M1 for steam humdifier type CP F42 (basic model D8) Defensor
26. 1110690H4 Humidistat, 25 – 80%RHDefensor
27.1110745Steam cylinder 243, disposable, Article No 133.9227Condair
28. 1112944H5, Humidistat, 25 – 80% r.h.Defensor
29.1115507Contactor, 25A, See pic 106Condair
30.1115776Steam cylinder D301 (empty), cleanableCondair
31.1115777Steam cylinder D401 (empty), cleanable, Article No 136.9000Condair
32.1115778Steam cylinder D601 (empty), cleanable, Article No 136.9001Condair
33. 112-300-001-04Coil for solenoid valve, 240Vac, 50/60HzSnap-Tite
34. 112-300-001-14Coil for solenoid valve, 120Vac, 50/60HzSnap-Tite
35.113228UV sensing tube, -20°F to 175°F for C7012, C7024Honeywell
36.120320Replacement cadmium cell for C554, 7.5 mA minimum sensitivityHoneywell
37.1221-12-W/MFlex-tube u-tube manometer, range: 12 (6-0-6)" w.cDwyer
38.123514AFlame Simulator, rectification type (test jack in G circuit)Honeywell
39.124204Quartz focusing lens for uv flame detector, rated for 20 psi (138 kPa)Honeywell
40.129464MUV sensing tube, 0 to 250°FHoneywell
41.129464NUV sensing tube, -40 to 250°FHoneywell
42.13-K-1-17.5-114-450-WBTSA-3P11Thermocouple assembly, type K, 17.5mm dia, nicrobell sheath, 450mm sheath length, ¾"BSPPTC Ltd, UK
43.13-K-1-21.3-180-1000-WBTSA-3P11Thermocouple assembly, type K,21.3mm dia, incoloy 800 sheath, 1000mm sheath length, ¾"BSPPTC Ltd, UK
44.13-K-1-22-KANTHAL-450-WBTSA-3P11Thermocouple assembly, type K, 22mm dia, kanthal sheath, 450mm sheath length, ¾"BSPPTC Ltd, UK
45.13-K-1-25.4-116-15Thermocouple assembly, type K, 25.4mm dia, 316SS sheath,15" sheath length, ¾"BSPP TC Ltd, UK
46. 131.9103Steam cylinder for Condairmatic TS 460Condair
47. 131.9120Steam cylinder for Condairmatic TS 240Condair
48.13134Ignition ransformer, 220/240Vac,0.25A, 50/60Hz primary voltage, 14kV ampl,40mA rms, 33% ED in 3min, 4mm pin size, IP40Honeywell
49. 133.9023Adaptor type EA for electric continuous signalCondair
50. 135.6028Outlet valve, compl. to D8 for steam humidifier CP F42Condair

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