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301.6242BA8Brass valve, 1", Buna-N seal, 240Vac/1ph/50HzSnap-Tite
302.6242BT8Brass valve, 1", Teflon seal, 240Vac/1ph/50HzSnap-Tite
303.6242BTBBrass valve, 1½", Teflon seal, 240Vac/1ph/50HzSnap-Tite
304.63Infrared thermometerFluke
305. 64/7158-02SALamp, halogen quartz for MM55, TM55 moisture gaugeInfrared Engineering
306.646 WHI3 pin plug, 13amp, 230VacMK
307. 65248-1SIsolating transformerReliance Electric
308. 66075037Transformer stepdown, isolating, 230/24Vac, 40VAEnmark
309. 66075038Transformer stepdown, isolating, 240/17Vac, 36VAEnmark
310. 66075039Transformer stepdown, isolating, 240/12Vac, 36VAEnmark
311. 66075040Transformer stepdown, isolating, 230/24Vac, 36VAEnmark
312.677-4Differential pressure transmitter, range:0-1" w.c, output: 4-20mAdcDwyer
313.7-08C10-0-0-0-22-0/000Infrared thermometer, 4.8-5.3µ, 300-800°C (D/100), analog meter, 0-10V, 115Vac supplyIrcon
314.7-08C10-0-1-1-43-1/000Infrared thermometer, 4.8-5.3µ, 300-800°C (D/100), peak picker, 4-20mA, 230Vac supplyIrcon
315. 701819-204AWRectifierReliance Electric
316.708TXIndustrial ethernet switchN-Tron
317. 7092-236Resistance UnitDAVIS
318. 71/11904-01SATray,sample,large, 140x140x25mm for TM5000 InfraLabInfrared Engineering
319. 71/11904-02SATray,sample,small, 70mm diameter for TM5000 InfraLabInfrared Engineering
320.7211210Locknut, Polyst. PG21Schlemmer
321.7211295Locknut, Polyst. PG29Schlemmer
322.7211481Locknut, Polyst. PG48Schlemmer
323. 7236001Flame detector cableSatronic
324.7283001Power supply cable, 0.3m & plug for ZT931 transformerSatronic
325. 74993Clips for ZT900, 1mmSatronic
327. 76/10574-01SAECU display, pcb assembly for MM55, TM55 moisture gaugeInfrared Engineering
328. 76/7537-02SAEDN 02 filter wheel, S/N:ETN701Infrared Engineering
329.7616BRCrank arm use with modutrol motorHoneywell
330. 762.19.35AC variable speed drive, GP1200, 5HpReliance Electric
331. 762.19.55AC variable speed drive, GP1200, 10HpReliance Electric
333. 816-01Temperature probe, sheath type, range:-50 to 800°C for SK-1100/4030/6160/6165Kaise
334. 816-03Temperature probe, surface type, range:-50 to 300°C for SK-1100/4030/6160/6165Kaise
335.817-06Temperature probe, contact type, -50 to 500°C range for SK-6800 digital temperature meterKaise
336. 817-1742Flame detector, infraredCleaver Brooks
337. 817-1743Ultra violet system, Flame deteectorCleaver Brooks
338.8210B056Solenoid valve, brass body, pipe size:1½", Cv:22.5, 120Vac/60Hz, 110Vac/50Hz, 15.4WAsco
339.8210G002Solenoid valve, brass body, pipe size:½", Cv:4, 120Vac/60Hz, 110Vac/50Hz, 6.1WAsco
340.8210G004Solenoid valve, brass body, pipe size:1", Cv:13, 220Vac/50Hz, 6.1WAsco
341.8210G035Solenoid valve, brass body, pipe size:¾", Cv:5.5, 220Vac/50Hz, 10.1WAsco
342.8210G036Solenoid valve, brass body, pipe size:3/8", Cv:1.5, 220Vac/50Hz, 6.1WAsco
343.8210G094Solenoid valve, brass body, pipe size:½", Cv:4, 220Vac/50Hz, 10.1WAsco
344.8215B050Solenoid valve, aluminium body, pipe size:1", Cv:21, 220Vac/50Hz, 15.4WAsco
345.8317G035Solenoid valve, 3-way, brass body, pipe size:1/4", Cv:0.2, normally closed, 220Vac/50Hz, 10.1WAsco
346. 833-1966Wiring sub-baseCleaver Brooks
347. 833-2204Standard model, 2-4sec flame failure response timeCleaver Brooks
348. 833-2205Dynamic amplifierCleaver Brooks
349. 833-2207Standard model, 2-4 sec flame failure response timeCleaver Brooks
350. 833-2290CB70 computerized burner controlCleaver Brooks

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