Honeywell Boiler & Burner Controls : Slate Integrated Combustion Equipment Management

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1.R8001A1001Slate base module, 24Vdc or 24 to 240Vac power supply, Modbus, BACnet and web services communicationsHoneywell
2.R8001B2001Burner control module for rectification, uv or infrared flame, includes valve provingHoneywell
3.R8001C6001Fuel air ratio control module, module for controlling the relationship between fuel, airflow, and flue gas recirculation. Supports up to 4 Slate actuators and 2VFDs.Honeywell
4.R8001D4001Digital module, universal digital input and output module with up to 14 opto relaysHoneywell
5.R8001F1041Flame amp module, low voltage I/R with dynamic ampli-check Honeywell
6.R8001F1091Flame amp module, uv/visible with dynamic ampli-check
7.R8001K1010Slate 10" displayHoneywell
8.R8001L8001Limit control module, module for configuration of limit protection for pressure and temperatureHoneywell
9.R8001M1050 Actuator module, 50 in/lb actuator, NEMA 1 enclosureHoneywell
10.R8001M1150 Actuator module, 150 in/lb actuator, NEMA 1 enclosureHoneywell
11.R8001M4050Actuator module, 50 in/lb actuator, NEMA 4 enclosureHoneywell
12.R8001M4150Actuator module, 150 in/lb actuator, NEMA 4 enclosureHoneywell
13.R8001N7001Annunciator module, module for monitoring states of permissive and interlocks with first-out annunication Honeywell
14.R8001S1051Flame amp module, uv with dynamic self-checkHoneywell
15.R8001S1071 Flame amp module, uv with dynamic ampli-checkHoneywell
16.R8001S9001 Sub-base assembly, sub-base for DIN-rail mounting. Required for all modules except base moduleHoneywell
17.R8001U3001Analog module, universal analog input and output module, configurable for 0-10V, 4-20mA, thermocouple, RTD, NTC, PWM and moreHoneywell
18.R8001V1031 Flame amp module, rectification with dynamic ampli-checkHoneywell

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