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1.0960875Sensing gear for exciting pickup sensor, 60T, 20D.P, 0.875" stock bore, 3.1"O.D.Red Lion Controls
2.390RAS1Digital panel meter, 3½ digit red LED, 4-20mA input, 0-100.0 display, 5Vdc powerExtech
3. 5164051Series 600 (B-A) speed difference indicator P/N : 5164051, 5 1/2 digit, 230VRed Lion Controls
4. 5166451Quadrature input counter for position or length measurement, ±5½ -digit, 230VacRed Lion Controls
5.5400100Block mount for ¾" cylindrical sensorRed Lion Controls
6. ACA10000Dip plug cable assembly, 18"Red Lion Controls
7. ACE30000Edgecard connector with solder eyelets, 6-digit, 30 positionRed Lion Controls
8.AIMR5306Loop powered setpoint alarmRed Lion Controls
9.APLCL410Apollo current loop indicator w/o excitation, 3½-digit, 4-20 or 10-50mA input, 230VacRed Lion Controls
10.APLID410Apollo current meter, dc, 3½ -digit, 230Vac, ±199.9µA to ±1.999A, 0-199.9mVRed Lion Controls
11.APLR0610Apollo time base rate indicator, 230VacRed Lion Controls
12.APLSP4B0Apollo slave display 4 digitRed Lion Controls
13.APLVD400Apollo dc voltmeter, 115VdcRed Lion Controls
14.APMR00963 phase fault detectorRed Lion Controls
15.APSCM100Current shunt 100AMPRed Lion Controls
16.ARCJ1A00Speed sensorRed Lion Controls
17. BDMD2000Decoder, bi-directional motion, 2:1 or 4:1 output/input, 12Vdc supply voltageRed Lion Controls
18. BNL00000Battery, lithium, 3VRed Lion Controls
19.C40-D-UDigital meter, multi signal input, 18-265 Vac/dc versatile power supply, 1 to 4 relays (optional add-on) alarm relay, 4-20mAdc or 0-10Vdc (optional add-on) analog output signalFema
20.C48CS103Preset counterRed Lion Controls
21. CBLPROG0Programming cable for CS, G3 and ParadigmRed Lion Controls
22. CBLRLC00Communication cableRed Lion Controls
23. CBLRLC02Interface cableRed Lion Controls
24. CBLUSB00USB cable type A-BRed Lion Controls
25.CBPRO007RJ11 program & interface cable for DLCRed Lion Controls
26. CCA3PC25Cable assembly, 25ftRed Lion Controls
27. CSBASE00CS replacement baseRed Lion Controls
28.CSINI8008 channel 0(4)-20mA dc input moduleRed Lion Controls
29.CSMSTRSEModular controllerRed Lion Controls
30.CUB10000CounterRed Lion Controls
31.CUB30000CounterRed Lion Controls
32.CUB3L000Counter with lithium batteryRed Lion Controls
33.CUB3TR23Electronic timerRed Lion Controls
34.CUB4LP40Loop powered process meter with red backlightingRed Lion Controls
35.CUB50020Counter & rate indicator with red backlight, 8-digit, 20kHz count speed, 9-28Vdc power sourceRed Lion Controls
36.CUB7CCS0Miniature electronic 8 digit counter / timer, Display : 8 digit LCD, 0.35" (8.90 mm) high digitsRed Lion Controls
37.DLC01001PID controller dual loopRed Lion Controls
38.DP5T0000Universal temperature displayRed Lion Controls
39.DSPGT000Data station plus +24V +/- 10%Red Lion Controls
40.DT500000Digital tachometerRed Lion Controls
41.ENC70000Enclosure for LDD, NEMA 4/IP65Red Lion Controls
42.G303M000Indoor, 3", 128x64, 3 serial port, 1 ethernet port, 1 expansion slot, CF cardRed Lion Controls
43.GCM23201Serial converter RS232Red Lion Controls
44.GCM42201Serial converter RS422Red Lion Controls
45.HESS0000Hall effect sensorRed Lion Controls
46.HHT00000LCD hand held contact tachometerRed Lion Controls
47.HHTRT000Replacement 1/2”x2” reflective tapeRed Lion Controls
48. ICA00000Connector & terminal wire, input for CUB 1 & 2 counterRed Lion Controls
49.IFMR0066Speed switchRed Lion Controls
50.IMD13119Apollo intelligent decade meter, 4½-digit, ±2-300Vdc input, 0-10Vdc output, 230Vac powerRed Lion Controls

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