Machine Electrics & Controls : Speed & Length Sensor

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1.ARCJ1A00Speed sensorRed Lion Controls
2.HESS0000Hall effect sensorRed Lion Controls
3.IFMR0066Speed switchRed Lion Controls
4.LMPC0000Logic magnetic pickupRed Lion Controls
5. LSAHC000Length sensor conversion bracket, hinge clamp assemblyRed Lion Controls
6. LSCDM300Length sensor double shaft, 100 pulse/meterRed Lion Controls
7. LSCSM200Length sensor with single shaft, 10 pulse/meterRed Lion Controls
8.LSQD0200Length sensor (quadrature) with dual shaft, 200 PPRRed Lion Controls
9.MP37CA00Magnetic pickup 3/8" cylindricalRed Lion Controls
10.MP37TA00Magnetic pickup, 3/8" threadedRed Lion Controls
11.MP62TA00Magnetic pickup, 5/8" threadedRed Lion Controls
12.RLY70000DIN rail mounted solid state relayRed Lion Controls
13.RPGC0064Encoder incremental, 200 PPR, current sink outputRed Lion Controls
14. TORM0400Wheel, neoprene, 4/10 meterRed Lion Controls
15. WF1000OKWheel, knurled aluminium, 1 FtRed Lion Controls
16. WM0333OKWheel, knurled aluminium, 1/3 meter circumferenceRed Lion Controls
17. WM0400OFWheel, flat polyurethane, 4/10 meterRed Lion Controls
18. WM0400OKWheel, knurled aluminium, 4/10 meterRed Lion Controls
19. WM0400ORWheel, neoprene, 4/10 meterRed Lion Controls

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