Edenaire Dehumidifier & Humidifier : Humidifier

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1. 102.2403Steam hose, 29/22mm dia.Condair
2. 102.2404Condensate hose, 9.5/5mm dia.Condair
3. 108.9Fan unit, FAN 40Condair
4. 110.1826Inlaid mat for AC-6 humidifier & PurifierDefensor
5. 110.5308Activated charcoal vaporizer mat for PH5 futura humidifier & purifierDefensor
6. 111.0347Four-layer filterDefensor
7. 111.0757Quattro filter for PH5 futura humidifier & purifier Defensor
8. 111.1827Converter electronic Defensor
9. 111.1832Module M1 for steam humdifier type CP F42 (basic model D8) Defensor
10. 1110690H4 Humidistat, 25 – 80%RHDefensor
11. 1112944H5, Humidistat, 25 – 80% r.h.Defensor
12. 133.9023Adaptor type EA for electric continuous signalCondair
13. 135.6028Outlet valve, compl. to D8 for steam humidifier CP F42Condair
14. 136.9113Electrode for exchange, Type: EN643 for steam humidifer CPCondair
15. 220.3027Inlet valveCondair
16. 220.971Module type M1 for continuous humidity controlCondair
17. 2521793DS22 Steam hose Ø29/Ø22mm 1=3mCondair
18.CP2 N4-4MCP2 steam humidifier, 4kg/hCondair
19.CP3 B05 400V3CP3 steam humidifier, 5kg/hCondair
20.CP3 B09 400V3CP3 steam humidifier, 9kg/hCondair
21.CP3 B15 400V3CP3 steam humidifier, 15kg/hCondair
22.CP3 B20 400V3CP3 steam humidifier, 20kg/hCondair
23.CP3 B25 415V3CP3 steam humidifier, 25kg/hCondair
24.CP3 B30 400V3CP3 steam humidifier, 30kg/hCondair
25.CP3 B45 400V3CP3 steam humidifier, 45kg/hCondair
26.CP3 B52 400V3CP3 steam humidifier, 52kg/hCondair
27.CP3 B60 400V3CP3 steam humidifier, 60kg/hCondair
28.CP3 B70 400V3CP3 steam humidifier, 70kg/hCondair
29.CP3 B8 400V3CP3 steam humidifier, 8kg/hCondair
30.CP3 B80 400V3CP3 steam humidifier, 80kg/hCondair
31.CP3 B90 400V3CP3 steam humidifier, 90kg/hCondair
32.EL05EL electrode steam humidifier, 5kg/h outputCondair
33.EL08EL electrode steam humidifier, 8kg/h outputCondair
34.EL10EL electrode steam humidifier, 10kg/h outputCondair
35.EL15EL electrode steam humidifier, 15kg/h outputCondair
36.EL20EL electrode steam humidifer, 20kg/h outputCondair
37.EL24EL electrode steam humidifier, 24kg/h outputCondair
38.EL30EL electrode steam humidifier, 30kg/h outputCondair
39.EL35EL electrode steam humidifier, 35kg/h outputCondair
40.EL40EL electrode steam humidifier, 40kg/h outputCondair
41.EL45EL electrode steam humidifier, 45kg/h outputCondair
42.EL50EL electrode steam humidifier, 50kg/h outputCondair
43.EL60EL electrode steam humidifier, 60kg/h outputCondair
44.EL70EL electrode steam humidifier, 70kg/h outputCondair
45.EL80EL electrode steam humidifier, 80kg/h outputCondair
46.EL90EL electrode steam humidifier, 90kg/h outputCondair
47.FAN3 CP BASIC L BCFan UnitDefensor
48.FAN3 MK L BCFan UnitDefensor
49.MK5 V05Steam humidifier with scale managementDefensor
50.MK5 V24Steam humidifier with scale management, 24kg/hDefensor

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