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1.1211-16Slack-tube manometer, range:8-0-8" w.c.Dwyer
2.1221-12-W/MFlex-tube u-tube manometer, range:12 (6-0-6)" w.c.Dwyer
3.1222-M400-W/MFlex-tube u-tube manometer, range:400 (200-0-200) mm w.c.Dwyer
4.1223-16-W/MFlex-tube u-tube manometer w/o mercury, range:16 (8-0-8)" w.c.Dwyer
5.1223-M1000-WFlex-tube u-tube manometer, range:1000 (500-0-500) mm w.c.Dwyer
6.25Mark II molded plastic manometer, range:0-3" w.c, use red gauge oil 0.826 s.g.Dwyer
7.26Mark II molded plastic manometer, range:0-7" w.c, use blue gauge oil 1.910 s.g.Dwyer
8.40-250PAMark II molded plastic manometer, range:10-0-250Pa, use red gauge oil 0.826 s.g.Dwyer
9.475-1Handheld digital manometer, range:0-20.00" w.c (0-4.982kPa)Dwyer
10.477-1T-FM-AVHandheld digital manometer, FM approved with air velocity kitDwyer
11.A-101Red gauge oil, 0.826 s.g, ¾ ozDwyer
12. A-110Blue gauge oil, 1.910 s.g, ¾ ozDwyer
13.A-126Fluorescein green color concentrate, ¾ ozDwyer
14.A-225Flexible double column plastic tubing, light gray with red color code stripe, 1/8" I.DDwyer
15.M-700PAMark II molded plastic manometer, range:10-0-700Pa, use red gauge oil 0.826 s.g.Dwyer
16.MM-80Mark II molded plastic manometer, range:0-80 mm w.c, use red gauge oil 0.826 s.g.Dwyer

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