Automation & Control System : Thermostat

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1.14001984Vertical mounted coverHoneywell
2.A19ADB-31CCapillary thermostat controlJohnson Control
3. FST-ZA-NUTFlexible locking nut, use with FST-ZA300CJaeger
4.FST-ZA200CThermostat, 35-200°CJaeger
5.FST-ZA300CThermostat, 50-300°C Jaeger
6.MRT 1711UOn-off room thermostat 3-speed fan, 2 pipe system 10-30°C, 220-240V, 50/60HzVCP
7. MS-1NMicrocomputer + thermostatEnerstat
8.P28DN-4CLube oil protection controlJohnson Control
9.R7426C2002Temperature controller without real time clockHoneywell
10.RRU 9Thermostat, room proportional, 7-38°C, 0-20Vdc reversible, 24Vac supply voltage Staefa
11.T4360BLine voltage room thermostat, indicator lamp, 16AMP ratingHoneywell
12.T631C1053Farm controller, 35 to 100°F, SPDTHoneywell
13.T6360A5005Room thermostat, 10-30°C, SPDTHoneywell
14.T6360A5013Room thermostatHoneywell
15.T6373A1108Room thermostat, 10-30°C, SPDT c/w fan switchHoneywell
16.T675A1003Thermostat, 0 to 100°F range, 1 SPDT, copper bulb, 5ft. capillary, 3 to 10°F DiffHoneywell
17.T675A1011Thermostat, 0 - 100°F range, 1 SPDT, copper bulb, 5ft capilary, 1°F fixed diffHoneywell
18.T675A1425Thermostat, remote bulb, 55-175°F range, 3.6-12°F adj differential, 20ft capillaryHoneywell
19.T678A1445Thermostat, remote bulb, 2 stage, 55-175°F range, 3.6-12°F adj diff between sw, 5ft capillaryHoneywell
20.T6800H2WNThermostat, digital c/w 3 speed fan control, 220VacHoneywell
21.T6818DP08Thermostat, digital, 3 speed, 220Vac, 2 pipeHoneywell
22.T6861V2BBThermostat, digital, 220Vac, Vertical, BlueHoneywell
23.T6865H2WGThermostat, large LCD digital, 24 Vac, 2 pipe fan coil controlHoneywell
24.T775A1035Electronic remote temperature controller, spdt, input 1, output 4, include : 193987GA sensor Honeywell
25.T775A2009Series 2000 electronic stand alone controller, SPDT:1, standard, NEMA 1Honeywell
26.T775B2032Electronic Remote Controller, 2 SPDT, 1 floating output, 1 sensor included, 2 sensor inputsHoneywell
27.T775B2040Series 2000 electronic stand alone controller, SPDT:4, standard, NEMA 1Honeywell
28.T775M2030Series 2000 electronic stand alone controller, SPDT:4, modulating, NEMA 1Honeywell
29.TB7980A1006Honeywell digital room thermostat Honeywell
30.TP970A1020Pneumatic thermostat, single direct acting, 15-30°cHoneywell
31.TP970B1010Pneumatic thermostat, reverse single acting, 15 to 30°cHoneywell
32.TTW2Immersion thermostat, range: 50..130°C, switching differential: 3-5°C fixed, SPDT, R½"BSPStaefa

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