Honeywell Boiler & Burner Control : Amplifier Flame Rectification (green)

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1.R7247A1005Rectification flame amplifier, FFRT:2 to 4 sec, greenHoneywell
2.R7247A1021Rectification flame amplifier, FFRT:1 sec max, greenHoneywell
3.R7247B1003Flame safeguard amplifier, rectification, green, FFRT:2 to 4 secHoneywell
4.R7247C1001Rectification self-check amplifier, FFRT:2 to 4 sec, greenHoneywell
5.R7247C1019Rectification self-check amplifier, FFRT:2 sec max, used with C7012E or FHoneywell
6.R7247C1035Rectification self-check amplifier, FFRT:2 sec max, greenHoneywell
7.R7289A1004Rectification flame amplifier, FFRT:3 sec, greenHoneywell
8.R7321A1012Rectification solid state amplifier: FFRT:1 sec max, greenHoneywell
9.R7326A1009Contact input amplifier, FFRT:Contact module, green/blackHoneywell
10.R7824C1002Rectification self-checking amplifier (green), FFRT:3 secHoneywell
11.R7847A1025Rectification flame amplifier (green), FFRT:0.8 or 1 secHoneywell
12.R7847A1033Rectification flame amplifier (green), FFRT:2 or 3 secHoneywell
13.R7847A1074Rectification ampli-check flame amplifier with FFRT:0.8 or 1.0 secHoneywell
14.R7847B1072Flame signal amplifier, rectification with dynamic ampli-check (green), UV (purple peeper), FFRT:3 secHoneywell
15.R7847C1005Rectification with dynamic self-check (green) amplifier, FFRT:2 or 3 sec, greenHoneywell

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