Honeywell Boiler & Burner Control : Valve (gas,steam, solenoid,control,shutoff)

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1.HOV1A307T15Safety shutoff valve, 120Vac, ¾" NPTGeneral Controls
2.HOV1A307T171Safety shutoff valve, 120Vac, ¾" NPT, FM proof of closureGeneral Controls
3.K3A434TDirect-operated solenoid gas valve, 220-240Vac, 3/8" NPTGeneral Controls
4.K3A442TDirect-operated solenoid gas valve, 110-120Vac, ½" NPTGeneral Controls
6.Q455C1052Valve linkage for Modutrol motorYamatake
7.Q5001D1018Valve linkage for Modutrol IV motorHoneywell
8.RP7517A1009Electro-pneumatic transducerHoneywell
9.SV311A02N6BF5Pilot gas shutoff valve, 110-120Vac, ¼"NPTAsco
10.SV311A02N6CF5Pilot gas shutoff valve, 110-120Vac, 3/8"NPTAsco
11.SV311A04N6BF5Pilot gas shutoff valve, 220-240Vac, ¼"NPT best replica watches Asco
12.SV311A04N6CF5Pilot gas shutoff valve, 220-240Vac, 3/8"NPTAsco
13.V5055A1012Gas shut-off valve, 1¼"Honeywell
14.V5055A1038Industrial gas valve, 2"Honeywell
15.V5055A1053Industrial gas valve, 3"Honeywell
16.V5055C1034Gas shut-off valve, 1"Honeywell
17.V5055D1057High pressure gas valve, 3"NPTHoneywell
18.V5097C1000Industrial gas valve, low pressure, double seatHoneywell
19.VE4020A1195TClass A gas valve, DN20, 3/4", standardHoneywell
20.VE4025A1004Class A gas valve, DN25, 1", standardHoneywell
21.VE4050A1002Class A gas valve, DN50, 2", standardHoneywell
22.VE4050B1001Class A gas valve, DN50, 2", optionalHoneywell
23.VE4065B3005Class A gas valve, DN65, 2 1/2", optionalHoneywell
24.VK4115V6013Gas control with integrated 1:1 gas/air regulator for combined valve and ignition systemHoneywell
25.VQ440MC1004Class A combination valve, DN40, 360mbar, IP54, 230VHoneywell

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