Automation & Control System : Infrared Thermometer

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1.16-11C10-0-2Infrared thermometer, 1.5-1.6µ, 350-110°C (D/100), 4-20mA, 100-240Vac supplyIrcon
2.22-01C-0-1-0Infrared thermometer, 8-14µ, 0-100°C, 4-20mA with peak picker, 24Vdc supplyIrcon
3.36-06F15-0-0-0-0Infrared thermometer, 2.0-2.6µ, 250-600°F (D/150), peak picker, 0/4-20mA, 90-250Vac supplyIrcon
4.36-10C15-0-0-0-0Infrared thermometer, 2.0-2.6µ, 400-1000°C (D/150)peak picker, 0/4-20mA, 90-250Vac supplyIrcon
5.37-08C10-0-0-0-0Infrared thermometer, 4.8-5.3µ, 300-800°C (D/100)peak picker, 0/4-20mA, 90-250Vac supplyIrcon
6.44-05F-0-1-0Infrared thermometer, 8-14µ, 0-500°F, 4-20mA with peak picker, 24Vdc supplyIrcon
7.47-08C-1-0-1Infrared thermometer, 4.8-5.2µ, 300-800°C, high resolution, 4-20mA, water cooled with air purgeIrcon
8.47-08C-9-0-1Infrared thermometer, 4.8-5.2µ, 800°C, special resolution, 4-20mA, EE-2 housingIrcon
9.47-99C-9-0-0Infrared thermometer, 4.8-5.2µ, 200-800°C, special resolution, 4-20mAIrcon
10.6-06C15-0-0-1-22-1/000Infrared thermometer, 2.0-2.6µ, 250-600°C (D/150), analog meter, peak picker, 0-10V, 230Vac supplyIrcon
11.6-08C15-0-1-1-53-1/000Infrared thermometer, 2.0-2.6µ, 350-800°C(D/150), peak picker, 4-20mA isolated, 230Vac supplyIrcon
12.6-10C15-0-0-1-00-1/000Infrared thermometer, 2.0-2.6µ, 400-1000°C (D/150), analog meter, peak picker, 230Vac supplyIrcon
13.6-10C15-0-1-1-53-1/000Infrared thermometer, 2.0-2.6µ, 400-1000°C(D/150), peak picker, 4-20mA isolated, 230Vac supplyIrcon
14.6-15C15-0-1-1-53-1/000Infrared thermometer, 2.0-2.6µ, 500-1500°C (D/150), peak picker, 4-20mA isolated, 230Vac supplyIrcon
15.7-08C10-0-0-0-22-0/000Infrared thermometer, 4.8-5.3µ, 300-800°C (D/100), analog meter, 0-10V, 115Vac supplyIrcon
16.7-08C10-0-1-1-43-1/000Infrared thermometer, 4.8-5.3µ, 300-800°C (D/100), peak picker, 4-20mA, 230Vac supplyIrcon
17. AA-3Air purgeIrcon
18.DNE31-99C, R707Infrared thermometer, 0.7-1.0µ, 600-1300°C(D/100), 4-20mA, 16-40Vdc supplyIrcon
19. G-04C05-0-1-0-53-1/000Infrared thermometer, 1.6µ, 250-450°C (D/50), digital meter, 4-20mA isolated, 230Vac supplyIrcon
20. G-11C15-0-0-0-53-0/000Infrared thermometer, 1.6µ, 500-1100°C (D/150), analog meter, 4-20mA isolated, 115Vac supplyIrcon
21.IR200Forehead temperature infrared thermometerExtech
22.IR201Pocket Infrared ThermometerExtech
23. L12021P1-Lens for SA series thermometerIrcon
24.MR-2002-10C-1-0/1-0-0Infrared thermometer, 0.7-1.08µ, 600-1000°C (D/20)peak picker, 4-20mA&0-10V, 230Vac supplyIrcon
25.MR-6015-04C-0-3/0-0-0Infrared thermometer, 2.0-2.6µ, 160-400°C (D/150), 0-20mA & 0-10V isolated, 115Vac supplyIrcon
26.UX-20Infrared thermometer, portable, 0.96-1.05µ, -600-3000°C, power:4AA alkaline batteryIrcon
27.UX-40Infrared thermometer, portable, 8-13µ, -50-1000°C, power:4AA alkaline batteryIrcon
28.WA-3Water jacket for Modline, Maxline, Modline3, Mirage, Infrarail type S, Modline4Ircon

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