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1. 11011401220Temperature sensor, PT100 (RTD), 10mm insertion length, 4mm sheath diameter, 304SS sheath, 3m fibreglass leadsEnmark
2.13-K-1-17.5-114-450-WBTSA-3P11Thermocouple assembly, type K, 17.5mm dia, nicrobell sheath, 450mm sheath length, ¾"BSPPThermocouple
3.13-K-1-21.3-180-1000-WBTSA-3P11Thermocouple assembly, type K,21.3mm dia, incoloy 800 sheath, 1000mm sheath length, ¾"BSPPThermocouple
4.13-K-1-22-KANTHAL-450-WBTSA-3P11Thermocouple assembly, type K, 22mm dia, kanthal sheath, 450mm sheath length, ¾"BSPPThermocouple
5.13-K-1-25.4-116-15Thermocouple assembly, type K, 25.4mm dia, 316SS sheath,15" sheath length, ¾"BSPP Thermocouple
6.392085Pocket thermometerDavis
7.515-620Room temperature sensor, range:-20 to 100°C, PT100 element, 86x86x38mmTC
8. 816-01Temperature probe, sheath type, range:-50 to 800°C for SK-1100/4030/6160/6165Kaise
9. 816-03Temperature probe, surface type, range:-50 to 300°C for SK-1100/4030/6160/6165Kaise
10.ACRJRTemperature data logger, -40 to 185°F(-40 to 85°C), 8K memory, 2 min sampling rateExtech
11. BTS01-TBarrier terminal strip one channel for use with A28TX, Type TTC Ltd
12. FT-TH2Temperature sensor, immersion, 10-120°C, NTC element, R ½" BSP screwed connectionStaefa
13.KRT-1LRemote setpoint for room temperature adjustment (±4K) for T1 temp sensor, auto/on/offStaefa
14. MES/1000-T1-24-250-2-ITransmitter temperature, immersion, 4-20mA output, 12-35Vdc supply, 40-140°F rangeMescon
15.SRT 420.3Temperature transmitter, room, 0-50°C, output: 4-20mAdc 2-wireGeamatic
16.SRT Pt 100Temperature sensor, room, 0-50°C, sensor element: Pt100 OhmGeamatic
17. TC-204-D/P-150mm-12.7mmØ-BSP½”-WTemperature sensor, type: dual PT100ohm 6 wires, length: 150mm, diameter: 12.7mmYeou Jenq
18. TC-204/P-100mm-6.3Ø-PT¼RTD temperature sensor, PT100 Ohm, 100mm immersion, 6.3dia, PT¼" connection, small headANC
19.TH11/1-VThermal head 2W transmitterMescon
20.TH11/2-JThermal head 2W transmitterMescon
21.TRS PT 100Room temperature sensorAutomatikProdukter
22.TRT 420.6Room temperature sensor range: -10 to 40°C AutomatikProdukter

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