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1. 100-04 Test leads for SK-7711 clamp meterKaise
2. 100-28Test leads for SK-6530 digital multimeterKaise
3.3111VInsulation tester, 250Vdc/100Mohm, 500Vdc/200Mohm, 1000Vdc/400Mohm c/w continuity testKyoritsu
4.3117-14Insulation tester, 500V/1000MOhm c/w 500Vac voltmeterHioki
5.317Sling psychrometer, range:20-110°FWeksler
6. 317CPsychrometer, sling, -5 to 45°C range, 1° divisionWeksler
7.317RThermometer, replacement for Weksler sling psychrometer, 20-110°FWeksler
8.445702Hygro-thermometer clockExtech
9.445703Big digit hygro-thermometerExtech
10.817-06Temperature probe, contact type, -50 to 500°C range for SK-6800 digital temperature meterKaise
11. 873Clamp adaptor, AC 0-1200A for SK-3005/3007/3031Kaise
12. 973-01Carrying case, soft for SK-6160/6165/6222 digital multimeterKaise
13.ACRJRTemperature data logger, -40 to 185°F(-40 to 85°C), 8K memory, 2 min sampling rateExtech
14.CMM880Hygro thermometer, pocket size, LCD displays 2 measurements simultaneously, °F/°C selectableExtech
15.SK-3003Double-rate insulation testerKaise
16. SK-6222Digital multimeter, 3½-digit, 10A ac/dc, 1000Vdc, 750Vac, 20MOhm, continuity/diode testKaise
17.SK-6511Digital multimeter, 3½-digit, card-sized, 500Vac/dc, 20MOhm, continuity/diode testKaise
18.SK-6530Digital multimeter, 3½-digit, pocket-sized, 10Aac/dc, 500Vac/dc, 20MOhm, continuity/diode testKaise
19.SK-6544Digital multimeterKaise
20.SK-7620Clamp meter, digital, 3½-digit, 20/200/600Aac, 600Vac, 40mm max conductor diameterKaise
21.SK-7711Clamp meter, digital, 4-digit, 1000A ac/dc, 600Vac/dc, 36mm max conductor diameterKaise
22.SK-9000CRT high voltage test probe, 35,000Vdc/45,000VdcKaise

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