Automation & Control : Digital Panel Meter

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1. 350-61-100Digital panel meter, 3½ digit, 0.56" LED, -50 to 870°C range, RTD PT100 input, 110Vac supplyMESCON
2.390RAS1Digital panel meter, 3½ digit red LED, 4-20mA input, 0-100.0 display, 5Vdc powerExtech
3. 500BDigital panel meter, 3½ digit, 0.5" LED, tri-color, 110Vac supplyMescon
4.C40-D-UMulti signal digital panel meter, 18-265 Vac/dc versatile power supply, 1 to 4 relays (optional add-on) alarm relay, 4-20mAdc or 0-10Vdc (optional add-on) analog output signalFema
5.M60-LC-H-R4-AOPanel meter for load cells with 4 and 6 wires, Standard 96 x 48 mm (1/8 DIN) size, and 6 digits with 14 mm digit height. Provides excitation voltage to power the load cell, configurable for 5 Vdc and 10 Vdc. Up to 60 samples per second. ‘Tare’ and ‘auto-tare’ functions. Universal high and low AC and DC power options. Optional output modules with relay, transistor, SSR control, analog outputs and MODBUS RTU communication Fema

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