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1.317Sling psychrometer, range:20-110°FWeksler
2. 317CPsychrometer, sling, -5 to 45°C range, 1° divisionWeksler
3. 3219510202508Thermo-hygrometer,humidity:0-100%rh, temp:-20-120°FLOCAL
4. 44501CHygrometer thermometer clockDAVIS
5.CMM880Hygro thermometer, pocket size, LCD displays 2 measurements simultaneously, °F/°C selectableExtech
6.HDT3 142Duct humidity & temperature sensor AutomatikProdukter
7.HDT3 420/010Humidity & temp sensor, duct type, 0-100%rH/-20 to 40°C, 4-20mA/0-10Vdc select, 3%/±0.3°CAutomatikProdukter
8.HDTT420Duct humidity/temperature transmitter, 0-100%rh, 0-50°C, 2 x 4-20mAdcVCP
9.HRT 420Humidity transmitter, room type, 4-20mAdc, 24Vdc power supplyAutomatikProdukter
10.HRT3 420/010Humidity & temperature sensor, room type, 0-100%rH/0-40°C, 4-20mA/0-10Vdc select, 3%/±0.3°CAutomatikProdukter
11.HRTT420 (RFTF-I)Room humidity/temperature transmitter, 0-100%rh, 0-50°C, 2 x 4-20mAdcVCP
12. HYGRO81RH transmitterMescon
13.HYGROTEC-81Humidity transmitter, 15-95% range, 4-20mAdc output, duct mounting, 8-40vdc supplyMescon
14.KFF-IDuct humidity transmitter, 0-100%rh, 0-50°C, 4-20mAdcVCP
15.KFTF-IDuct humidity/temperature transmitter, 0-100%rh, 0-50°C, 2 x 4-20mAdcVCP
16. MES/1200-H4Duct humidity transmitterMescon
17.SDH 010Humidity transmitter,duct type, 0-100%rH, 0-10Vdc, ±3% within 20-80%rH, 24Vdc power supplyGeamatic
18.SDHT 420-PT100Humidity & temperature transmitter, duct, 0-100%rH, output:4-20mAdc(humidity)/Pt100(temp), 24VdcGeamatic
19.SRH 420Humidity transmitter,room type, 0-100%rH, 4-20mAdc, ±3% within 20-80%rH, 24VdcGeamatic
20.SRHT 420-PT100Humidity & temperature transmitter, room, 0-100%rH, output:4-20mAdc(humidity)/Pt100(temp), 24VdcGeamatic

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