Honeywell Boiler & Burner Controls : Gas/Air Pressure Switch

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1.14026Pressuretrol siphon loopHoneywell
2.32003039-001Position indication lamp kitHoneywell
3.C437D1005Gas/air pressure switch, 1-26" H2O, diff:1¾", break on riseHoneywell
4.C437D1021Gas/air pressure switch, 1-10 psi, diff:1 psi, break on riseHoneywell
5.C437E1004Gas/air pressure switch, 1-26" H2O, diff:1¼", break on fallHoneywell
6.C437E1012Gas/air pressure switch, ½ -5 psi, diff:¼ psi, break on fallHoneywell
7.C437F1003Gas/air pressure switch, 1-26" H2O, diff:1¼", fall & riseHoneywell
8.C437F1037Gas/air pressure switch, ½ to 5½"H2O, diff:0.25", fall & riseHoneywell
9.C437F1052Gas/air pressure switch, ½ -5½psi, diff:½ psi, fall & riseHoneywell
10.C437G1028Gas/air pressure switch, ½ -5 psi, diff:¼ psi, break on riseHoneywell
11.C6045D1043Gas/air pressure switch, 2 to 30 mm water, differential:5mmHoneywell
12.C6058A1019Gas pressure switch, 25-500 mmH2O, differential : 6 mmH2O, SPDTYamatake
13.C6058A1027Pressure switch, 300-1500 mmH2O, differential : 28 mmH2O nominalYamatake
14.C6097A0210Pressure switch, 25-500 mmH2O, differential : 6 mmH2O nominalYamatake
15.C6097A0410Gas pressure switch, 10 to 50kPa rangeYamatake
16.C6097A1053Pressure Switch, 1/4"NPT, 3-21"wc, 1.5-7psiHoneywell
17.C6097A1228gas pressure switch, 0.4-5 in w.c, 2.9 psiHoneywell
18.C6097A2210Gas pressure switch, 2.50-50.00 mbarHoneywell
19.C6097A2310Gas pressure switchHoneywell
20.C6097B1085Pressure switch, 1/4"NPT mount, 1.5-7 psiHoneywell
21.C645A1006Gas/air pressure switch, 3-21" H2O, differential:1", break on fallHoneywell
22.C645A1022Gas/Air pressure switchHoneywell
23.C645E1002Distillate fuel oil pressure switch, 3-21" H2O, differential:1"Honeywell

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