Honeywell Controls : Valve

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1.V4-ABFW-EPN16-150-012-way butterfly valve c/w actuator, wafer type, DN150, 230VacHoneywell
2.V4043C13622-way fan coil valve, 8cv, 3/4"BSPPHoneywell
3.V5011P10202-way threaded globe valve, DN40Honeywell
4.V5011P10382-way threaded globe valve, water, DN50, 40KvsHoneywell
5.V5013P10103-way threaded globe valve, DN40, 25KvsHoneywell
6.V5013P10283-way threaded globe valve, DN50, 40KvsHoneywell
7.V5016A11192-way flanged linear valve PN16, DN50, 40KvsHoneywell
8.V5016A11272-way flanged linear valve, PN16, DN65, 63KvsHoneywell
9.V5050A20883-way flanged linear valve PN16, DN100, 140KvsHoneywell
10.V5088A10052-way flanged linear valve, 100 mm, PN16Honeywell
11.V5328A10702-way flanged linear valve PN16, DN32, 16KvsHoneywell
12.V5328A10882-way flanged linear valve PN16, DN40, 25KvsHoneywell
13.V5328A11792-way flanged linear valve PN16, high close off pressure rating, DN65, water, 63KvsHoneywell
14.V5328A11872-way valve, 3" sizeHoneywell
15.V5328A11952-way flanged linear valve PN16, DN100, 160KvsHoneywell
16.V5328A12112-way flanged linear valve PN16, DN150, 360KvsHoneywell
17.V5329A10613-way flanged linear valve PN16, DN50, 40KvsHoneywell
18.V5329A20773-way flanged linear valve PN16Honeywell
19.V5832B21092-way small linear valve PN16, DN32, 16KvsHoneywell
20.V8295A1024Solenoid gas valve, normally closed, ¾"NPT, 24VacHoneywell
21.VBA216-040P2-way cast brass ball valve, DN40, 26Kvs, 10N.mHoneywell
22.VC6013AJ1000T2-way valve c/w actuator, 20mmHoneywell
23.VC6013AP1000T2-Way valve c/w actuator, 25mmHoneywell
24.VC6013BD10002-way valve with actuator size :1¼" NPTHoneywell
25.VC6013MP10003-way balance hydronic valve, 3 wire, 1"BSPP, 8.6KVHoneywell
26.VC6013ND61003-way valve with actuator size : 1¼" NPTHoneywell
27.VCZBD11002-way valve, 1¼' NPT sizeHoneywell
28.VS4016AJ10002-way on/off motorized valve, ¾", 220VacHoneywell

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