Machine Electrics & Controls : Counter

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1. 5166451Quadrature input counter for position or length measurement, ±5½ -digit, 230VacRed Lion Controls
2. BDMD2000Decoder, bi-directional motion, 2:1 or 4:1 output/input, 12Vdc supply voltageRed Lion Controls
3. BNL00000Battery, lithium, 3VRed Lion Controls
4.C48CS103Preset counterRed Lion Controls
5.CUB10000CounterRed Lion Controls
6.CUB30000CounterRed Lion Controls
7.CUB3L000Counter with lithium batteryRed Lion Controls
8.CUB50020Counter & rate indicator with red backlight, 8-digit, 20kHz count speed, 9-28Vdc power sourceRed Lion Controls
9.CUB5SNK0Dual sinking open collector output cardRed Lion Controls
10.CUB7CCS0Miniature electronic 8 digit counter / timer, Display : 8 digit LCD, 0.35" (8.90 mm) high digitsRed Lion Controls
11.LGPB0200Legend plus counter/rate indicatorRed Lion Controls
12.RMX00000Pulse rate multiplier, 50kHz maximum input frequency, 12Vdc powerRed Lion Controls

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