Machine Electrics & Controls : DC Drive

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1.0-51378-2Gate Couple Board with Power SCRReliance Electric
2.0-51378-39Gate couple boardReliance Electric
3.0-51378-6Gate couple boardReliance Electric
4.0-51865-1Printed circuit CLDB card for MaxpaxReliance Electric
5.0-51865-9Current loop driver, CLDKReliance Electric
6.0-51874-2Static sequence and control card, SSCCReliance Electric
7.0-51902-5ADriver boardReliance Electric
8. 1LS2004Local operator control station kitReliance Electric
9.34C421 E59092Frequency meterReliance Electric
10.410403-24AWLThyristorReliance Electric
11. 411026-AWVaristorReliance Electric
12.422013-AKit-Suppression capacitorReliance Electric
13. 425XBX6991Relay, 120Vac/60Hz/Struthers-DunnReliance Electric
14. 590T150ASCR, 150ALocal
15.602909-69AETransistorReliance Electric
16.701819-204AWRectifierReliance Electric
17.A50P125-4Amp-trap fuse, 500Vac, 125 AmpsGould Shawmut
18.A50P200-4Amp-trap fuse, 500Vac, 200 AmpsGould Shawmut
19.A50P300-4Amp-trap fuse, 500Vac, 300 AmpsGould Shawmut
20.A50P600-4Amp-trap fuse, 500Vac, 600 AmpsGould Shawmut
21. FAC/1 S-76012CardReliance Electric
22. ICI2001Customer interface module kitReliance Electric
23. MG50G1BL3Power transistorReliance Electric
24.MG75H2CLIPower transistorTOSHIBA
25. MG7H2CL1Power transistorReliance Electric
26. O-58147-1SSCC cardReliance Electric
27.P105WPower moduleInternational Rectifier
28.QM20TB-HPower transistorMitsubishi
29. S-78707DVC-6 cardReliance Electric
30.SA-76012FAC-1 cardReliance Electric
31.SKB 15/12 A2Bridge rectifierSemikron
32.SKCH 28/12Bridge rectifierSemikron
33.SKKT 57/14EBridge rectifierSemikron
34.TR1-6/10ATri-onic fuse, class RK5, time relay, 500Vac, 1.6/10 AmpsGould Shawmut
35. W/R-23014-12RBPower stack S3R22KW for DDS-TLII feeder controllerReliance Electric

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