Red Lion Controls : Accessories

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1. 0960875Sensing gear for exciting pickup sensor, 60T, 20D.P, 0.875" stock bore, 3.1"O.D.Red Lion Controls
2. 5400100Block mount for ¾" cylindrical sensorRed Lion Controls
3. ACA10000Dip plug cable assembly, 18"Red Lion Controls
4. ACE30000Edgecard connector with solder eyelets, 6-digit, 30 positionRed Lion Controls
5. CCA3PC25Cable assembly, 25ftRed Lion Controls
6. CSBASE00CS replacement baseRed Lion Controls
7.CUB5COM1RS485 serial communication cardRed Lion Controls
8. ICA00000Connector & terminal wire, input for CUB 1 & 2 counterRed Lion Controls
9. TB100003Terminal block for CUB7, 3 position big pitch blockRed Lion Controls
10. TP16KIT1Programming kit with power supplyRed Lion Controls

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