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1.EPA302005Edenaire precision air conditioner c/w dehumidifier & humidifier Dehumidification capacity: 20 kg per hour Refrigeration capacity: 30 kW Air flow: 5000 m³/h E.S.P: 150 Pa Temperature control range: 18-30±1°C Humidity control range: 50-70±5% Compressor type: Hermetic scroll, R407c Compressor power: 2x5 Hp Power source: 415Vac/3Ph/50Hz Coil type: Copper tube & Aluminium fin Filter: G4 Coarse filter Noise level: 68 dB Supply fan type: Outer rotor centrifugal fan Supply fan power: 2x0.55 kW Heater: PTC heater Heater power: 18.0 kW Humidifier type: Electrode humidifier Humidifier power: 3.75 kW Humidifier capacity: 5 kg per hour Indoor unit size: 1400mm x 700mm x 2058mm Indoor unit weight: 260 kg Condensate fan power: 2x0.55 kW Outdoor unit size: 1420mm x 960mm x 860mm Outdoor unit weight: 300 kg Total install power: 35kW Note: i. Design condition: Indoor Tdb: 23°C, Twb 17°C; Outdoor Tdb: 35°C, Twb: 24°C. ii. Noise level is tested in space 1.5m front and 1m higher of the indoor unit. iii. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.Edenaire

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