Honeywell Boiler & Burner Control : Amplifier Flame IR (red)

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1.R7248A1004Flame safeguard amplifier, Infrared (red), FFRT:2-4 secHoneywell
2.R7248A1046Flame safeguard amplifier, infrared (red), FFRT:2-4 secHoneywell
3.R7248B1028Infrared ampli-check amplifier, FFRT:2 to 4 sec, redHoneywell
4.R7848A1008Flame signal amplifier, infrared (lead sulfide), red, FFRT:3 secHoneywell
5.R7848B1006Infrared ampli-check flame amplifier with FFRT:2 or 3 secHoneywell
6.R7852A1001Flame amplifier, infrared (red), FFRT: 2/3 secHoneywell
7.R7852B1009Amplifier for 7800 series and R7140 relay modules, FFRT:2/3 sec, infrared use with C7915, lead sulfideHoneywell

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