Honeywell Boiler & Burner Control : Actuator (Valve)

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1.AH2D104AHydramotor actuator for use with V710 gas valve body, 240VacGeneral Controls
2.AH2D112SHydramotor actuator for use with V710 gas valve body, 120VacGeneral Controls
3.BB151180coil for VE4065 & VE4080 gas valve, 110VacHoneywell
4.BB152301coil for VE4010, VE4015, VE4020, VE4025 & VQ420 gas valve, 220-240VacHoneywell
5.BB152303coil for VE4050 gas valve, 220-240VacHoneywell
6.SKP20.110B17ActuatorLandis & Gyr
7.V4055A1007Gas valve actuator, 120Vac/60Hz, 26secHoneywell
8.V4055A1031Gas valve actuator, 120Vac/60Hz, 13 secHoneywell
9.V4055A1080Gas valve actuator, 240Vac/60Hz, 26secHoneywell
10.V4055A1098Gas valve actuator, 120Vac/60Hz, 13 sec, include damper shaftHoneywell
11.V4055A1221Gas valve actuator, 200Vac/50Hz, 16secHoneywell
12.V4055A1296Gas valve actuator, 120Vac/60Hz, 13sec, "Installed auxiliary switch"Honeywell
13.V4055D1019Gas valve actuator, 120Vac/60Hz, 13sec, "Proof of Closure" switchHoneywell
14.V4055D1035Gas valve actuator, 120Vac/60Hz,13sec c/w aux switchHoneywell

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