Honeywell Boiler & Burner Control : Flame Switch

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1.46176612-501Subbase for R4348 flame switchHoneywell
2.BC1000A0220UFlame switch, 230V, 50/60Hz, 8WHoneywell
3.R4343D1017Flame switch, rectification type sensor, 230 Vac, FFRT:1 secHoneywell
4.R4343E1006Flame switch, 115Vac, response time < 1 sec, equivalent model:R4343G1002Honeywell
5.R4343E1014Flame switch, 230 Vac, FFRT:1 secHoneywell
6.R4348A1000Flame switch, 110/120/220/240Vac selectableHoneywell
7.R4348A1018Flame switch with flame current jackHoneywell
8.R4348A1026Flame switch with flame current LED indicatorHoneywell
9.R4348B1008Industrial flame switch, 220-240V, 50/60Hz, <18Va, enclose IP40Honeywell
10.R4348B1057Flame switch with 4-20 mA output & flame current LED indicatorHoneywell

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